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Japanese style dress Department
Our Japanese Traditional Clothing Department is where we plan, create, and sell Japanese traditional Kimono and Yukata. We offer new and fashionable pieces each year. Today, we have become a top producer in this department handling about four hundred thousand pieces out of the two million that are distributed throughout Japan yearly.


Those unique coats using a variety of materials such as wool, lace, and new synthetic fibers, can be harmonized not only with Kimonos in different colors and fabrics but also with western clothes. We bring out new designs and materials every season.



New-casual Kimono

We continuously develop new touch materials such as stretchable denim or jacquard with special surface feel, that have classic taste but with new touch feelings.

Our casual Kimono products are designed to provide sense of fashion, unique colors and easy wearing combinations.


We design, manufacture and sell such Yukatas that capture the taste of consumers; such as Koromo-zoushi series that are refine from the Nagaita Yukata Ojiya Chijimi (crepe) and traditional Shibori (tie-dyed) Yukatas.

We also have the Yukata designed by the renowned designer Junko Koshino (JK- Yukata), the IKS Collection Yukata that portrays the life-styles of modern women, and the “Kaze-no-miyabi” that focus on informality and reasonable price.


Accessories & other goods for Kimono & Yukata

Japanese Traditional Accessories

We provide the materials and colors of Kimono accessories such as Obi (belts) and Geta (wooden sandals) that match in right coordination with the concept and the color of each Yukata brand. For its purpose, we diversify the materials from polyester and cannabis to lace and embroidery materials.