Enomoto Company Ltd.

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Company Outline

Inauguration 1934
Foundation 1950
Representative Representative director ; Hiroaki Enomoto
Capital 90 million yen
Sales 1.01 billion yen (2017)
Emploee 39 (as of December 2018
Accounting Period Annually in December
Business Description Fiber/ textile company that specializes mainly in design, manufacture and trade of Kimono, Yukata and various living & bedding goods
Business Locations Headquarter: 562 Itayamachi Naka-ku Hamamatsu City
Logistics / Wholesale center: 18 Oroshihoncho, Minami-ku, Hamamatsu City
Related Company Enomoto Trading Co. Ltd.
Main Sales Contact TOKYO Interior corporation, THE LOFT CO.,LTD., YAMATO CO.,LTD., Arakawa & Co.,Ltd., ACTUS CO., LTD., YASHIMA CO.,LTD.
Main Bank Shizuoka Bank, MUFG Bank


1934 Fukuhei Enomoto started business at Itayamachi Hamamatsu city
February 17, 1950 Enomoto Company foundation
March 25, 1962 Changed name to Enomoto Company Limited
August, 1971 Opened Wholesale Center Shoe Store in at 18, Oroshihoncho Hamamatsu City
September, 1971 New HQ office opened in Sunayamacho Hamamatsu City Moves to new facility
December 24, 1988 Hiroaki Enomoto assumes position of president
March 29, 2006 EM Bulding constructed in Itayamachi, Enomoto CO., LTD.’s original location.
IKS opened Statue in front of EM Building completed
January 1, 2019 Headquarters moved to Itayamachi EM Building

About our symbolic items

The black-stone Goddess Enomoto Co., Ltd.

Headquarter building, first floor entrance
“The black-stone Goddess (stone statue)

Facing Life Enomoto Co., Ltd.

Headquarter building second floor meeting room
"Facing Life (one-block wooden table)"