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Representative director & President ; Hiroaki Enomoto

ENOMOTO Co. Ltd. is a long-established textile/ fibroid-products company, having over 80 years of history, started by the founder Fukuhei Enomoto in 1034. It was registered with the current name in 1950. Since then the company has been enjoying the leading position in the market as a specialized Kimono manufacture. The current president, Hiroaki Enomoto succeeded the position, and made evolutional changes to expand its product lines from not only Japanese traditional clothes to modern living textural items in 1980s to match he modern market needs.

“Continuous development of new products” is Enomoto’s creed. In 1950s we introduced Japan-first synthetic fiber Kimono that made sensational sales in the market successfully. In 1985 we contracted with the famous fashion designer, Junko Koshino, who developed “transparent Yukata” and “glaring Yukata” that created and led Yukata booms as a pioneer in Japan. All of its history has been in line with our creed.

From the latter half of 1980s, we have been engaged in manufacturing and marketing overall Japanese-style clothes and fiber-made living items as our main products. Those products have been introduced under “IKS” brand that assures originally new design and excellent quality.

In our product development, we focus on: 1. beauty, 2. health, 3. amenity as indispensable factors. We continue to put our maximum efforts for the customers to lead and enjoy more beautiful, healthier and delightful human lives.

We would like to contribute to the society in sustaining and developing Japanese traditional fiber industry by flexibly and robustly fitting with the changing business and social environment, utilizing our strong teamwork and network.