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Our special focus

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Our workway in Enomoto

Planning and Designing

We focus on the planning and designing of products as the most important factors in our business process. We manufacture Yukatas with the in-house designers for IKS brands and outside designer, Junko Koshino, for JK brand for the long-term.

Product Developement

We develop new products with new designs for each and every season based on the voice of customers.


To manufacture the products that we designed, we work closely with the partner companies that we built long, strong and reliable relationships with, and closely manage the process of buying threads, weaving, dying and printing, sewing, and finalizing the product.

Offering wear styles for customers

Beside product offers, we aim to bring new ideas for customers on how to wear Kimonos in coordination with Obi (belts), Kimono coats, shawls, etc.